How to choose solid wood furniture manufacturers

15 Jun

Nowadays, many enterprises prefer to use solid wood office furniture in the office, mainly because solid wood office furniture can highlight the corporate style and corporate culture, and at the same time, compared with other types of office furniture style, it is more atmospheric. So how to choose solid wood commercial modern office furniture manufacturers?

commercial modern office furniture for sale

Advantages of choosing solid wood office furniture:

1. Strong sense of design beauty, space and practicability

It's quite intuitive to see the samples from the manufacturers. After understanding the customer's needs, the salesperson will send a designer to measure the space according to the owner's needs, living habits and activity routes.

2. Good board performance

In addition to the high-end customized solid wood office furniture, the first-line brand customized office furniture manufacturers generally use solid wood particle board and density board as the base material to customize the furniture. The board has good physical properties, strong nail holding force and good moisture-proof ability.

3. Good edge sealing, environmental protection and health

Most of them are fixed and removable with fasteners. In case of any discrepancy in the size of the dismantling environment, the installation is relatively simple and quick because of the use of special connectors for connection. Local adjustment can be carried out by means of local plate modification, patching, etc

In factory production, due to the requirement of certain production capacity and quality assurance, large machinery is generally used to complete the production. Large brands generally use international high-end production equipment, intelligent production. Therefore, the product has high precision, good edge bonding force and beautiful appearance, and high installation accuracy.

Then, how to choose solid wood office furniture

1. Be sure to measure the area of the furniture to be placed in the office, calculate the length, width, and height specifications, and select the appropriate products according to the size when purchasing. If the office is spacious, the furniture can be larger in size. If the furniture is too small, it will be stingy. And if the office is too narrow, the choice of large furniture will make the office appear cramped and inconvenient.

2. Pay attention to the unity of style, shape and style of solid wood office furniture. On the whole, it must be consistent with the office style.

3. Pay attention to the practicability of furniture. The main function of office furniture is to facilitate the office. Therefore, when choosing furniture, it depends on whether the furniture design is humanized and meets the office needs.

4. The quality can not be ignored. The quality of furniture can be judged from the overall appearance, such as whether the paint film on the surface of solid wood office furniture is hard and full, whether the color is uniform, and whether the texture is clear.

Which solid wood office furniture factory is better? In a word, solid wood office furniture is a very popular choice for many enterprises nowadays. If enterprises want to buy better solid wood office furniture, they have to rely on a reliable office furniture brand.

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